• Prenisis

    Trap vs. Drop

    August 3, 2014 by Prenisis

    Lets start off with Trap.



    • It's the most powerful gag.
    • A organic level seven trap can destroy a group of four level twelve cogs.
    • It has perfect accuracy.


    • The cog needs to be lured after the trap is used for it to hit.
    • If you're alone, it could take two or more turns for you to use trap, then lure.
    • You can carry less trap gags then any other gag type.
    • You cannot use more than 1 trap on a cog, or the traps will cancel out and will do nothing.

    Now for Drop.



    • It is the second most powerful gag.
    • Except for the piano, Drop gags are already at their maximum damage when first gotten.
    • Throw, Squirt, Sound and Trap increase the chance of Drop hitting


    • It has low accuracy
    • Drop always misses on lured c…

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