aka smiley.

  • I live in your brain.
  • I was born on September 8
  • My occupation is is studying. Yeah, it's boring.
  • I am Digisexual.
  • PlanningEpic

    I'm leaving for a while. I'm interested in Minecraft now and my membership for Toontown expired a month ago. When I get back on my feet with Toontown again, I'll write. But for right now, farewell.

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  • PlanningEpic

    Hey guys. So, I was thinking up ideas for the storyline of the series, and I looked at the blog again. I thought I'd give you some more info. Some of you thought it was a crossover from Star Trek, but really, it's not a crossover at ALL. That's just the name I thought of. Second of all, I will be voicing pretty much most of the characters, and I asked my sister to help. I still haven't thought of a way to animate the characters, but I was thinking manga style or computer drawn. What do you think overall? Leave a comment!

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  • PlanningEpic

    Hey guys, it's PlanningEpic here. I just wanted to announce that I'm making an animated series.

    It'll be called (drumroll please)...... Toontown: The Next Generation.

    Now you may be wondering: "How are you going to create the characters?" Well, I have a solution: Aviary Picture Editor (or Phoenix, as it's originally called) for their profile pics. But I may use some 3D modeling device that's free: I'm not sure which one to choose. The 3D modeling device may be used for the animation. Or should it be 2D? I have the story in place, but how to express it? I'm not sure. You decide.

    PlanningEpic 22:32, April 23, 2012 (UTC)

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