• Periwinkle09

    i'm back

    August 7, 2012 by Periwinkle09

    after like 5 months, i'm officially back. it's like 4 am right here and i'm tired, so i guess this is the end

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  • Periwinkle09


    March 19, 2012 by Periwinkle09

    Yes, I'm leaving, no exceptions. I'll NOT come back unless I feel like it, anyways, have fun everyone. Reason is a private one, don't bother asking, I'm not telling.


    Periwinkle09 10:58, March 19, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Periwinkle09

    Clarabelle has kept us guessing, and the wait is over – her brand new Spring accessories are here! Aaaand the mystery accessories are… oxford shoes, bobby hat, bear pet pack, anti-Cog control hat, carnivale mask, and safari hat!

    See Lord Lowden Clear’s special report in the new Toon News…For The Amused – out today!

    Those six accessories are only the beginning…

    Zany hats top the list (and Toons’ heads!) with a pink princess hat for girls, and a royal crown for boys! Plus a firefighter helmet, sailor hat, chef hat, two new baseball caps, and a fez!

    Flutter into your next Toon Party wearing flitterific new pixie wings! Dazzle your fellow party-goers in the super-wacky rainbow wig, and fancy carnivale masks in blue, aqua, or purple.

    Spring forward in new green tennis …

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  • Periwinkle09


    February 2, 2012 by Periwinkle09

    Newborn Sister & Toontown

    It's possible that I could quit Toontown but still contribute to this Wikia, since school is really painful due to homework and all. Anyway, I have a newborn sister today! She's so adorable, it just makes me smile. Her name is Maya, cool name isn't it? She's coming back to our home in a week, hope we can do things together well! (For example: drawing and colouring together)



    I deeply apologize for being absent in the Wikia for so long, I'll go and edit on the Wikia if I have any free time, its really.. entertaining to edit! :)

    New blog coming in 2 weeks, have a toontastic day!

    ~ Sally

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  • Periwinkle09

    Blogs will just inform you guys about my activity going on. :)

    For now, let's just I'm not going to be every active anymore. I will promise a drawing for every admin pony here as a thank you for creating this wiki! ;)

    Thanks and have a great day! n___n

    ~ Hana /)^3^(\

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