NOTE: I'll be back to check up on the Wiki on Canada Day (July 1).

Hi everyone. I just wanna tell you all some sad news:

I'm leaving this Wiki.

The reason is I'm going to Minneapolis for the long weekend, I'm nearing in to being blocked the way I was on the MLP: FIM Wiki and I can't really keep up with the work on the wiki. But I'll still be playing Toontown, just so you know Chris, Wilbur, Dragon and other people who are friends with Princess Daffodil.

And I have a deviantART account if you wanna see my art there for now on. My username is eeveeevoletoumbreon. I even have a YouTube account where I'm posting Yo Gabba Gabba! commentaries everyday with one on the weekdays and three on weekends with one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. My username is Oshawott497. (Save these usernames in a word file if you wanna see my videos or art.) So, I would like it if evina removed my rights as a Super Contributor since I'm no longer gonna be on here, I would like that because I won't come back.

I doubt I'm gonna be bringing my laptop with me to Minneapolis because I don't have a specific connection in the United States like the one I'm using here in Canada and I'll be going on Friday and I'm gonna be hot on the way, because the radio said it's supposed to be 33 degrees (unknown about the humidity).

So, I'm sorry everyone. I'm just so busy and I can't keep up with things and I can't play Toontown alot because I'm still busy uploading the Yo Gabba Gabba commentaries on YouTube. Thanks for reading this if you did and I'll put links to my accounts.

Link to my YouTube:

Link to my deviantART:

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