Oh my gosh, like, where did I go for the past 2 months? WAAAAAAAH!

Yeah, I've abandoned my account for a short period of time, I wasn't expecting to be on a long hiatus though. I'm still gonna be around on the Wiki and such, so I'll try to talk to people as much as I can.

So I read one of the blogs and it said that Toontown might be closed for good, but it's a likely chance. So what I've been doing these days is doodling things in my school books and such, it's very fun! ^^ On Thursday, I'm getting my report card and time table for next year. I didn't like the first Semester at all, but I enjoyed the second Semester. I've also gotten into a few new things, like teenage anime, a game called Touhou, etc. (My icon is supposed to be two characters from Touhou :P)

So, I'll be around just a bit, so I can talk to some people, but I probably won't be editing. In 2012, I helped with some of the pages and made some of them, and got control of some of the images. But now, I feel like I should relax and kick back. I've got a major headache from playing the computer games I've downloaded all in one day. I've got a mixture of three songs in my head for some reason.

I hope I see you around sometime! ^w^ Birds and Cats can be friends too. (talk) 01:34, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

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