Hey guys. How are you doing? I've been doing good. Just to tell you guys...

I'm back on the Wiki. Gosh I missed you guys ;_;

And when I came back, I found out badges were enabled again. But I may not come on all that much anymore. I'll usually comment on Blog posts to make sure I stay active. I don't really mind having the Chat here, but I'll let the admins do what they want :P

Otherwise, I got sick of my old icon, gosh, that face was creeping me out ._. So, I changed it to one of my personal favorites. You can say it's cute if you'd like.

Also, I may continue with the ducks in dresses. I'll also be visiting others pages to see how they're doing :)

Well, basically that's all I needed to say.

Quick note: I still haven't played Toontown in awhile. I've been playing other things like Transformice and I ordered a game today that I'm waiting to come in the mail. The game is Subterranean Animism. I don't feel like linking it, so you can find it simply by searching it up :)

--Birds and Cats can be friends too. (talk) 02:22, April 13, 2013 (UTC)

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