Hi, all! I was just looking through my friends and I found out I have room for six more friends. Here are some things you need to do before you add me.

  1. You need to have Speedchat Plus.
  2. You need to have teleport access to Donald's Dock (since I'll be there)
  3. The meeting place is Silly Valley
  4. The time will be from now, until Seven, Toontown time. (WILL CHANGE TOMORROW IF YOU GUYS CAN'T MAKE IT)
  5. You can check my info on my page if you wanna know what I look like.
  6. Hope to see you!

If you'd like to meet, please put a comment on this blog post. If you're already my friend, you can see if you have any other friends who'd like to meet me on the wiki.

Hope to see you there Toons!

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