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  • Onearmedmario

    Dream Toon

    August 20, 2011 by Onearmedmario

    Hello Everyone.

    Now you mainly play Toontown just to have fun but is your Toon DESTINED to be?

    Comment Below on what your MAIN goal of your toon is such as

    How many laff points

    How much Gags

    How many Jellybeans

    How many spots in Top Toons

    How Many CEO, CFO, VP, and CJ Victories

    What Kind of Cog Suit

    How many Bulidings Recoverd

    What does your eastate home look like

    What does your toon look like


    Golfing Trophies

    Race Victories

    and Your Racing Car

    Pick out your main 5 Goals on this list and pick what its DESTINED to be :)

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