Now that TT is closing, should we consider creating .gif files (Moving picture files) It would allow us to keep everything. I've actually wanted to do this for a while. We would create: every cog attack, every gag, every doodle trick, etc. We could assign parts to different users, such as: User 1 has: All Bossbot attack, all accessories, and doodle tricks. User 2 has: VP, Goons, All Lawbot attack. User 3 has: Gardening, Furniture, CFO, etc.

By doing this, in a year, we can look back and see how the game worked.

On the closing part, you probably know that the 2 petitions are getting lots of signatures. But what is it going to do? VMK was shut down a couple years ago. There were petitions created then, but nothing happened.

But Toontown does have a new hope.

Disney's Toontown Online will close September 19, but Toontown Online may not. There is the possibiliy that Schell Games may purchase Toontown. Jesse Schell, a former developer of Toontown, released on Twitter that he was interested in purchasing Toontown in order to keep it alive. Also, he announced that he has heard that other companies have already attempted to purchase Toontown, but have failed due to legal hassles. Jesse states to "Not get your hopes up."

On the Schell games wbsite, [1], You see a picture. 2 over, 4 down. It is a picture of a party booth in Minnie's Melodyland. Whether this means anything or not, I don't know. On the MMO page, Toontown is actually on it, describing how Schell worked there and that Schell Games has provided updates. Pirates and Pixie Hollow is also on this page stating Schell Games helped create them.

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