As like the level 1, it goes with every thing else.lvl 2 w/ lvl2,lvl3 w/ lvl 3 Ect.

Other Stratigies

  1. lvl. 1 throgh lvl 3 should be practiced in Toontown Central.
  2. Lvl 4 throgh lvl 6 should be practiced in Daisy's Gardens,Sellbot HQ,Donald's Dock,Minnie's Melodyland,andCashbot HQ.
  3. Other gags shall be practiced in The Brrrgh,and/or Donald's Dreamland.Then to Lawbot HQ,andBossbot HQ

when ahd where?

When developing small gags, always do it in the street,the reason being so endangered Toons can run.They can't do that in a buildings Toons!Once your in a building,your required to destroy the set of cogs,then your allowed to leave.

Note: If I get anymore info,I will post.

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