I've brainstormed some ideas, so please take them into consideration. I know I'm not an admin or anything, but I do have lots of experience from past wikis I've edited.

  • The Main Page: I was thinking that rather than keeping it so similar to the Starter Homepage, we should fix it up a bit. Like, a list of all cogs, including pictures, so that when you click them, you can just go to the page rather than having to search it. Also, more color would be nice and maybe a colored backround with a poll as well.
  • Page Setups: To make it easier to travel from page to page, a list at the bottom of each page listing all the similar pages would be nice. For example, a page about a Double Talker would list some more lawbots at the bottom.
  • Rollbacks and B-Cats: A wiki does not only need Admins, but they also need Beaurocats and Rollbacks. Let me explain this to you. B-Cats are basically the same as Admins, except, they have more power. I believe they can ban people. Rollbacks can stop vandalism by deleting all edits by the vandal. This wiki could use a bigger staff and these are some great options.
  • Photo Galleries: We all love high-quality pictures on pages, right? Well, I suggest each page has a photo gallery at the bottom of each page. If you don't know how to set one up, I will put an example on your talk page. Just ask.
  • An IRC: Not sure if this wiki has one. But it's a great way for users to communicate. If you need help setting one up, I can always do it for you. If you already have an IRC, let me know the link, and I'll edit this part.
  • User Meetings: An easier way for users to share ideas. We could have meetings hosted by the Staff of this wiki. It could take place in a special IRC Chatroom that I could set up for you guys if you want, or it could take place in a blog like this. We could share ideas and the Staff could take it into consideration.
  • Featured: We should have a featured picture and a featured article for every week. And we can also have a Featured User like the Total Drama Wiki,

Thanks to those who read this, please comment with opinions!

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