aka Olivia

  • I live in London
  • I was born on September 28
  • I am Female
  • Minecraftblobthingguy

    Hey, I was looking around the wiki and when I went onto the page "Sellbot Factory" there was a load of weird stuff like:

    gjfcjjhbdsucchsljljfks,m ;po99878doir948c.iu [cjksjkzmcmjzkhjcnkmc;x,zduihikjckzhjznckgvmcjxjbdgxjvnktksdnhcbbsenvhjskhmdgffaghdnhgjxdsbftxcklfnkcfmndmdfnsaifns;rhsogjdolkfmfjkikdfjffpoksdfgprejfjdjfsdknjfldfjdlcu7ti8iurur98ckijfjdkncjznbjvf,nnbfjgfojgfj n,

    I'm not sure if that's meant to be on the page? Sorry if this is not meant to a post, but I was quite eager to say about it....

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