We're glad to say not many Toons were sold on the Sellbots' sending Glad Handers to schmooze a Toon truce yesterday... Gaggles of Glad Handers are now marching into Toontown, trying to take control hand over fist!

Glad Hander Grip Army

We're going to need all Toons to lend a hand in busting up this latest Cog invasion plot! Those double-dealing Glad Handers took us by surprise, so we're not sure where or when they will try to get the upper-hand. The Toon Resistance advises all Toons to stock up on strongly silly gags!

If you need a break from the Glad Hander invasions, Resistance Rangers have handily blocked off these Districts as safe zones from the invading Sellbots:

Crazy Grove Gigglyfield

Giggly Hills Goofy Valley

Silly Valley Zany Acres

We think it's the Sellbots behind this latest Cog scheme... are you sold on that theory?

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