Operation: Storm All Cogs
Operation Storm All Cogs Logo
Members Only No
Free Items Operation: Storm All Cogs Shirt
When August 2014
Where Everywhere
Mascots None

Hello! This is Mattgelo, making my 1st custom party/event blog post! My 1st custom party is Operation: Storm All Cogs!


The cogs are attacking the whole Toontown playgrounds. The Boss cogs plan to take over Disney's Toontown Online, and that made many toons angry. The toons must defeat all the cogs so that the whole Toontown playgrounds will be clean.


  1. Go to any Cog headquarters.
  2. Talk to Flippy. He will tell you to enter the headquarters of the responding Cog headquarters you are in.
  3. Battle all the cogs in the battle area.
  4. Destroy the Boss Cog of each responding cog type.
  5. When the battle is over, you will be redirected back to any playground.
  6. Go back and talk to Flippy. He will reward you with an Operation: Storm All Cogs Shirt.
  7. You have now finished Operation: Storm All Cogs.



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