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  • Mattgelo

    Toon-up Round Up

    August 12, 2013 by Mattgelo

    When the Toon Council enlisted help from Toon Scientists, Party Planners, and the Toon Resistance to "Toon-up" your fun in Toontown, the results were Toontastic!

    Faster, zippier Toons! 
        Nutty new Street M.A.P.S.!
             Party planning perfected!
               Quicker Cogs battles with more rapid rewards!

    If you haven't already, jump in and try out these Toontastic improvements!
    Which Toon-up do YOU like best so far?

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  • Mattgelo

    We're glad to say not many Toons were sold on the Sellbots' sending Glad Handers to schmooze a Toon truce yesterday... Gaggles of Glad Handers are now marching into Toontown, trying to take control hand over fist!

    We're going to need all Toons to lend a hand in busting up this latest Cog invasion plot! Those double-dealing Glad Handers took us by surprise, so we're not sure where or when they will try to get the upper-hand. The Toon Resistance advises all Toons to stock up on strongly silly gags!

    If you need a break from the Glad Hander invasions, Resistance Rangers have handily blocked off these Districts as safe zones from the invading Sellbots:

    Crazy Grove Gigglyfield

    Giggly Hills Goofy Valley 

    Silly Valley Zany Acres 

    We think it's the Sellbot…

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  • Mattgelo

    Hello everyone! I will show you how to take .png images.

    1. You must have Google Chrome. (If you don't have Google chrome, download it here).

    2. You must have Screen Capture. (If you don't have it, download it here).

    3. Open up Disney's Toontown Online and Google Chrome.

    4. Log in your Toontown account.

    5. Wait for Toontown to load.

    6. Select a toon you would like to play.

    7. Press the buttons Ctrl+Alt+P.

    8. Press OK to take the picture.

    9. Open Google Chrome.

    10. Save your Toontown .png screenshot and enjoy it!

    Mattgelo (talk) (contributions) 04:27, June 9, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Mattgelo

    Jellybean Week starts today and lasts all the way through June 14!
    Toons earn DOUBLE jellybeans Fishing and in all Trolley Games too.

    And to make this week double-sweet, you earn DOUBLE jellybean awards in Toon Parties all week long too. 

    You can find tips on hosting or attending a jelly-errific Toon Party here.

    Get your Jellybean Shirt or Doodle shirt in this week's Cattlelog, and burst your bean bank!

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  • Mattgelo

    Thanks to all turbo-charged Toons put the pedal to the metal competing in the Grand Prix Weekend. Four days of rip-roaring racing at Goofy Speedway zoomed right by! 

    All races and finish times are currently under review to find our winners – the speediest Grand Prix Toons!

    The top twenty-five fastest Toons with legitimate qualifying times in each of the four circuits,each day of the Grand Prix event, will be announced soon in an upcoming issue of Toon News… For the Amused! 

    Once the list posts, our lightning-fast winners will receive the all-new racing outfit in their Toon mailbox!

    But first up, stay Tooned for the Acorn Acres MiniGolf winners in this Friday's new Toon News… For the Amused!

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