(plz note that some of my blog pages maybe unfinished ik that caused confusion and i am sorry ty and good day.)

Here are the throw gags showing only max damage.

Cupcake:6 damage Organic:7

Fruit Pie Slice 10 damage organic:11

Cream pie slice: 17 damage 18 organic

Whole fruit pie : 27 organic 29

Whole cream pie 40 44 organic

B-day cake 100 110 organic

wedding cake 120organic 132

When u get throw i suggest u train with throw only first if u dont want to thats okay.(try getting a water gun)

When u get the slice cream pie and max it u may want to get a couple friends and try to get a bldg in ddock.

When your whole fruit pie is 25 damage i suggest training in the sbhq courtyard.

You may think im crazy for saying that, but u will find it works very good.

When you succsessfully get your whole cream pie u might wanna start training squirt now alot.

Now a b-day cake is the hardest throw gag to get.( your cream pie only gives 5 exp points from 2000 to 6000 b-day cake gives you 6 exp points from 6000 to 10000).

to train b-day cake many ppl say its very easy training it in the bldgs which i recommend.

Now when your b-day cake gets pretty strong (around 67 to 74) try training with a friend in an invasion cbhq.

When you finally get your wedding cake you will be pretty proud if its your first time.

For those who have a organic wedding cake. you can take out a row of lvl 12 cogs when they r lured and with another throw gag. which is very useful.

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