What a drag.

List of damages as usual: (max damages)

Squirt Flower: 4 organic 5

Glass of water: 8 organic 9

Squirt Gun

Seltzer Bottle: 21 organic 23

Water Hose 30 organic 33

Storm cloud : 80 organic 88

Geyser: 105 115 if organic.

ppl who plant squirt r smart bc they do damage more which is good in bldgs and the street and in bosses you can squirt with the best of them.

like i suggest get squirt to lvl 3 on the street

unlike throw i suggest you go to ddock and fight on the street with an invasion (preferably with a friend)

when you get to lvl 4 gags squirt now do bldgs with inv in ddock with a friend.

when you get your water hose (here comes the annoying part) keep doing bldgs. it works well but takes time i hope you haven't been skipping anger management class.

now with the storm cloud you can start doing Factory training runs. it works really well especially if you r in nutty river.

now when you have a 70 damage storm cloud u can start training with a friend in cbhq.

When you get your geyser it does 105.(115 if planted) many ppl call this gag useless which might not be completely true.

when you have a row of 12 cogs lured. use one hose , a cloud, and a geyser and then those cogs r done for.

i am now working on my sound page check back for it.

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