Freckles invplobby31211

Toons getting ready for a fight.

I have recently done vp runs with toons that are new and dont know they r not doing the right

thing.Because i love helping new toons.

(If You want a good group if you are a low toon try looking for the cold callers guild. thats all im gonna say about that.)

Dizzy VP

Toons taking on the vp directly.

1. Never train gags of course never train gags in a boss because it messes with strategy and makes other toons mad that you are making it harder to fight.

2.Please if you are going to do a boss battle know how much time you have on the computer. if you put up 'BRB' It subtracts one toon from the fight. People count on everyone to help.

3.Dont nag and nag for a toonup toons can see that you need one. If they dont give you one and let you die then they are very selfish and they are known as 'noobs'.(low toons is 'newbs').

4. Stay calm, cool, and collected when you are fighting any boss. Chances are if toons know how to fight, you'll make it out alive.

5.When you are fighting the vp directly then it is ok to ask for a toonup when you need one, toons dont like it when you constantly need toonups so try and pack more and take less damage.

6.If you Are new to the vp its good to stand back and watch higher toons before you start fighting.

Well thats it for this post.

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