• Master Spike Rulez
    I have recently done vp runs with toons that are new and dont know they r not doing the right

    thing.Because i love helping new toons.

    (If You want a good group if you are a low toon try looking for the cold callers guild. thats all im gonna say about that.)


    1. Never train gags of course never train gags in a boss because it messes with strategy and makes other toons mad that you are making it harder to fight.

    2.Please if you are going to do a boss battle know how much time you have on the computer. if you put up 'BRB' It subtracts one toon from the fight. People count on everyone to help.

    3.Dont nag and nag for a toonup toons can see that you need one. If they dont give you one and let you die then they are ver…

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  • Master Spike Rulez

    Here Are the list of sound gags and damages:

    Bike horn: 3 organic 4

    Whistle : 7 organic: 8

    Bugle: 11 organic 12

    Aoogah: 16 organic 18

    Elephant trunk/horn: 21 organic 23 (FTW!)

    Fog Horn: 50 organic 55

    Opera Singer: 90 organic 99

    Many People say sound is the easiest to train.

    It was for me Because of a great Asset- the factory. But sound traning gets annoying when you get your elephant trunk.

    When you first get sound youre maybe like why did it have to be the weakest. thats fine.

    from 1 to 40 you can tell that training sound is gonna be tough. (not that tough)

    Train in an inv or none (if you want a hard time) or do a bldg. it may not be such a good idea bc ppl dont like doing bldgs with low gag bldg trainers.

    Once you get your whistle its 200 points (tha…

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  • Master Spike Rulez

    List of damages as usual: (max damages)

    Squirt Flower: 4 organic 5

    Glass of water: 8 organic 9

    Squirt Gun

    Seltzer Bottle: 21 organic 23

    Water Hose 30 organic 33

    Storm cloud : 80 organic 88

    Geyser: 105 115 if organic.

    ppl who plant squirt r smart bc they do damage more which is good in bldgs and the street and in bosses you can squirt with the best of them.

    like i suggest get squirt to lvl 3 on the street

    unlike throw i suggest you go to ddock and fight on the street with an invasion (preferably with a friend)

    when you get to lvl 4 gags squirt now do bldgs with inv in ddock with a friend.

    when you get your water hose (here comes the annoying part) keep doing bldgs. it works well but takes time i hope you haven't been skipping anger management class.


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  • Master Spike Rulez

    (plz note that some of my blog pages maybe unfinished ik that caused confusion and i am sorry ty and good day.)

    Here are the throw gags showing only max damage.

    Cupcake:6 damage Organic:7

    Fruit Pie Slice 10 damage organic:11

    Cream pie slice: 17 damage 18 organic

    Whole fruit pie : 27 organic 29

    Whole cream pie 40 44 organic

    B-day cake 100 110 organic

    wedding cake 120organic 132

    When u get throw i suggest u train with throw only first if u dont want to thats okay.(try getting a water gun)

    When u get the slice cream pie and max it u may want to get a couple friends and try to get a bldg in ddock.

    When your whole fruit pie is 25 damage i suggest training in the sbhq courtyard.

    You may think im crazy for saying that, but u will find it works very good.


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