Hello. Today I'm here to say that DISNEY DOESN'T CARE!!!!!!

We all know that Toontown is closing because of money, right? To spend on Club Penguin & mobile apps, right? Well... Club Penguin... that's going to be closing in 2015, by guess. 

Seriously, we're talking about Disney. Sooner or later, it'll just be mobile apps. There won't be any Club Penguin soon. Disney doesn't care about what kids\teens want. They only care for THEIR needs. Disney is all about power, money, and more money. NO, it's not like that little happy land you learned about when you were 3. It's now this horrible wasteland of disgust and greed. Also, it's funny how they made cogs called Money Bags, Backstabbers, & Robber Barons. They match all three.

Money Bags:  They only care about money and greed. Nothing fun. Just money and greed.

Backstabbers: They TOTALLY backstabbed us players but deserting Toontown, POTCO, and Cars Online, 3 of the games my now depressed little brother played. 

Robber Barons: The memberships costs so much! T_T For pete sakeplease make it lower!

I honestly think Disney had that all planned from the start... O_O!! Lol, just kidding!  But seriously, what I'm trying to get to you guys is that Disney just doesn't care about us anymore. It's like they're their only fans. We don't exsist to them. Say " goodbye " to all those online clubs in 2015, and get a iPad of some-kind. It's soon only going to be mobile apps. 

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