Ok, guys! So I was with my friend and we we're searching for evidence of Cognation. Here are some pics:


------PROOF 1------- Ok. So me and my partner ( the rabbit ) were at Cashbot HQ. We found these crates that said " COG NATION ". That enough proof? Maybe it's just for decoration, but hey!


-----PROOF 2------ Haha! Now THIS. This sign has been up for basically.. FOREVER! What takes that long? Hmm... oh yeah! A WHOLE NEW HQ! :O


---- PROOF 3 ----- That face. " Oh, it's Flippy! :D " -NO!! It's either a REALLY ugly cog or... THE CHAIRMAN! THE BOSS OF COGNATION! He looks hard.

Well, toons, these pieces of evidence prove the existence of CogNation? Look at them and post a comment below of what you think. AND REMEMBER: PLEASE NO RUDE COMMENTS! This is just a guess.

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