Hi! So, yesterday I was helping a friend with a bldg in TTC, but none were there. So I went to Toon Valley and a toon named Ketul took me to a server FILLED with bldgs, that he summoned by himself! I only took 1 screenshot, sadly. If you want to see some leftover bldgs, go to Giggly Bay. Here's the one screenshot I took: 
When Cogs Attack

Yes, this is in Punchline. In this street, there was 9 bldgs and I think in Loopy Lane there was 4 or 5. Silly didn't have any.


It was fun! I did a few with Ketul! :P Also, earlier that day, there was a JB fest! It was really a lucky day for me. Anyways, if you want to see some leftover buildings, just go to:

SERVER: Giggly Bay

STREET: Punchline Place or Loopy Lane

Please note that a lot of people know where it is, so the buildings might be gone. Well, bye now! :D

P.S:  Enter the codes SWEET and SUNBURST . You'll be glad you did...

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