Marceline the Moshling Princess

aka Llama

  • I live in in a rainbow with a narwhal!
  • I was born on October 23
  • My occupation is DERPING!
  • Marceline the Moshling Princess

    Guys, ya'll so strict. On the AJ wiki, you can post random stuff and nobody cares. Except Anakin, he's sorta strict. 

    So peace out. 

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  • Marceline the Moshling Princess

    Hey, fellow Toons! Welcome to our brand new radio station! We'll be counting the down the days 'till our beloved game ends, with some music, interviews, quizzes, and more! Join us these last 17 days and enjoy our radio station! We take requests, aswell! So don't be shy, request a song today!


    Time of Appearance:

    Toon Animal:


    Reason of Joining: 

    Do You Like Toontown:

    Do You Like Pancakes:

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  • Marceline the Moshling Princess

    Hello. Today I'm here to say that DISNEY DOESN'T CARE!!!!!!

    We all know that Toontown is closing because of money, right? To spend on Club Penguin & mobile apps, right? Well... Club Penguin... that's going to be closing in 2015, by guess. 

    Seriously, we're talking about Disney. Sooner or later, it'll just be mobile apps. There won't be any Club Penguin soon. Disney doesn't care about what kids\teens want. They only care for THEIR needs. Disney is all about power, money, and more money. NO, it's not like that little happy land you learned about when you were 3. It's now this horrible wasteland of disgust and greed. Also, it's funny how they made cogs called Money Bags, Backstabbers, & Robber Barons. They match all three.

    Money Bags:  They only …

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  • Marceline the Moshling Princess

    Well, guys. You heard me and the Toon Council:  ToonTown is ending.    After all these years of battling cogs and training Doodles, it's gone. Along with Toontown, Pixie Hollow online and Pirates of the Carribean online are closing.

       So, just say your goodbyes and the fun times you had at this discussion. I wrote a song on my profile page if you want to read it.. just savor these last few days. I'm gonna miss all my friends there and my memorys of when I was a kid. Post stories, pictures, and videos... anything you want. Just please obey the normal rules of the wiki. Bye guys.. :(  Im so sad that this is the end.

    ALSO, Bermuda or any admin, please tell me if the wiki will still be up. I'd want to keep this up for as long as we can to prese…

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  • Marceline the Moshling Princess

    Hi! So, yesterday I was helping a friend with a bldg in TTC, but none were there. So I went to Toon Valley and a toon named Ketul took me to a server FILLED with bldgs, that he summoned by himself! I only took 1 screenshot, sadly. If you want to see some leftover bldgs, go to Giggly Bay. Here's the one screenshot I took:                                                                                      

    It was fun! I did a few with Ketul! :P Also, earlier that day, there was a JB fest! It was really a lucky day for me. Anyways, if you want to see some leftover buildings, just go to:

    SERVER: Giggly Bay

    STREET: Punchline Place or Loopy Lane

    Please note that a lot of people know where it is, so the buildings might be gone. Well, bye now! :D

    P.S: …

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