Well today on Lion news their is not much most things are pretty mild but plan on getting on Toontown again tommorow and have a new beginning! Any way their will be more information below and their is still some votes that need to be made for having meetings once a month on Toontown again we used to do it once a year when User:Flippers was here but he left us hanging a few months ago he started leaving just about when I came here. But please vote on that you should see it somewhere in my blog post area than you and enjoy! Lion_blaze Beware the roar of the lionYou will be even more powerful than StarClan 20:04, April 27, 2011 (UTC)

Toontown (New Beginning!)

Hello everyone you may not know that I have not been on Toontown very much and my BOF (F) (Best Online Friends (Forever) ) has not gotten on in so long because of that and I want him back but I finally said to my self PUUT THE STINKING PAST BEHIND YOU COLONEL! (Not really I said my real name when I said that but I cant say my real name online!) So I went on one day searching for a NEW BOFF but no luck I tried to put the most pitiful things on their but no one really cared so I am searching for a new BOFF! ANd now I have to restart my entire toons life. -_-..................... Sigh!

Super Toons

Hey this is mostly for the captains of Super Toons and the creator but you may read if you want! Hi i want to become a TRUE member of Super Toons now because I can not get in touch with anyone it seems but.... I would like to know when your meetings start and stuff that way i can stay in touch with the clan and earn rank and such! So please reply to this on my talk page!

Weird news

Lady GaGa thats all I am going to say! WEIRD! My Dad broke the toilet seat....... 0_0.....

Stinking News

My DSi broke -_-....... And I lost my Super Scribble Nauts game!

Good news

MY DS was sent into Nintendo to get fixed! :D! I got a Ps2! And I still have the Wii!

Bad News

I am doing French over the summer...... I have A.D.D!

Neutral news

I am now wearing glasses.

Random question

Are your relieved that the people that used to live on the fertile crescent long ago made toilets!

Pic Of the news news new

Ghost Hunter

Awesome! Is it not

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