Hi everyone some people may not recognize me and some may but I used to come on this wiki a while ago but quit because my friends stopped playing and my membership ran out also....... But I am getting my membership back and am coming back on Toontown... And I will try to help out as good as I used to.....

Good News

I am back on Toontown and its wiki... Also I am getting a membership soon.

Bad News

I lost alot of friends on Toontown and its wiki while I was gone..... :'(

Random News

I finally figured out what Doctor Who is.

Weird News

My Dad ate a boiled bull frog.

Creepy News

There is a criminal in China who attacks you by sucking on your toes........

Ranndom Question of the day

Do you like bannanas?!!?!?

Picture of the day

Do not

Lol cat1

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