So lately I've been trying to train my lure gag, but I didn't know where to start.

I've been doing some experimenting of my own plus taking tips from people I know, and I'll list a few of the best methods and one way you should not attempt, as it does not work.

So, the couple method's I've used and found have worked quite well are the following:

  • Obviously, the first thing that anyone would suggest is going into an invasion district (like River) and training there. To get into River, I use the toon taxi.
  • The second way which I found very effective is getting a friend who's training sound (same level sound as the level of lure that you're training, or close to it, like one or two levels difference) and going to TTC or DDock, wherever the cogs are of a level you need, and using lure and sound together. Make sure you also have toonup, as you'll likely need it for the higher levels or if one of you have low laff. It's suggested that lure and sound aren't used together because sound won't get the bonus and it'll take longer, but that's more experience for both of you! This is the method I used mostly to get to level four lure.
  • Going into a factory with a group of toons and constantly using lure will train it really fast too, as long as they're not training sound (just in here because doing that in the factory probably isn't wise because of how high the cogs are, unless you're both higher laff toon and are training higher level gags).

A method I tried and didn't work (although because I've never really trained lure before but I'm sure you all already knew this, I wanted to mention it just in case you didn't know):

  • I tried this in TTC, but using lure then passing then using lure again only got me 4 skill points for three cogs even though I probably used about 10 lures.

So that's all I have to share for now about training lure. I hope this helps you!

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