Here I am, being a loveble, couraging, toon on my birth date. I named my self "Lava the mouse." I thought other toons thought it'll be a very dumb name, but when they saw it, they actually liked it. My first problem was to being a member. Members can do anything outside of Toontown Central. Also, they can get exclusive gags, fight Cog bosses, and do other toontaskes to make them a better toon. And so once you know it, I'm a member. Although i could'eve waited till a long time, but I was early. So, I started training. I firstly trained sound. Sound is an good gag track that if you dont have it, you must be crazy. My first days of training went very well. But... defeating cogs, not very well. But then, after defeating more and more cogs (doing more and more toontaskes also), I got what I deserve. My newly rackety track. Isnt that sweet? But then after I got it, my new destination has begun.

Living in my new destination was as good as i thought it'll be. Donald's Dock was a medium place, which is close to easy. I trained for my next gag track, The Lure, which does no damage. The toontaskes was pretty easy at first, but when in came to defeating Number Crunchers, I died of a horse named Quit horsing around, when was bout to do a building, AND HE LEFT! See, never play with him. If I was that high enough (like 111 laff), he would'eve stayed. That is death #1.Why is it you say? That is probably the first time I went sad.So I was on a hunt on him. He might of been 50 laff when we met, he is probably hundred (or still) laff now. It took a while to do that toontask, and then I did another, and another... you catch my feeling. But i probably guessing that the easiest toontask is to fight a Backstabber to get that cat's wig back. Until you know it, Ahab's toontask came. It was very long doh, and it took time like defeating Sellbot Buildings to get that last track. And I finally got it. Phew.

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