aka ZeOtaku

  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on January 14
  • My occupation is school
  • I am a grown ass man
  • Lavathemouse

    Windows XP: First, Go to control Panel

    Click Appearances and themes

    Click Mouse Pointers

    Then Click Pointers

    Click Browse

    Search for My Computer.

    Click on Hardware C:

    You'll see program files. Click on that.

    Click on Disney

    Click on Disney Online

    Click on Toontown online

    Search for toonmono, and click it.

    Windows Vista:

    Right Click

    Press Personilize

    Click on Change Mouse Pointers

    Press Browse

    Click on Local Disk

    Click in Program Files (x86)

    Click on Disney

    Click on Disney Online

    Click On Toontown Online

    Click on Toonmono

    Anyone who read this must have the cursor.

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  • Lavathemouse

    Here I am, being a loveble, couraging, toon on my birth date. I named my self "Lava the mouse." I thought other toons thought it'll be a very dumb name, but when they saw it, they actually liked it. My first problem was to being a member. Members can do anything outside of Toontown Central. Also, they can get exclusive gags, fight Cog bosses, and do other toontaskes to make them a better toon. And so once you know it, I'm a member. Although i could'eve waited till a long time, but I was early. So, I started training. I firstly trained sound. Sound is an good gag track that if you dont have it, you must be crazy. My first days of training went very well. But... defeating cogs, not very well. But then, after defeating more and more cogs (doi…

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