What Happened Today on Toontown?

Today, I tried a couple Field Offices. The first couple went awesome, but the last one I almost died. It sucked. It was because I went in with a couple of noobs, and I didn't bother looking at their laff.

I did two one-story cog buildings solo on Chemira, too.

Earlier, I went into Toon Valley. Strangely, they were having Bean Fests. Oh well. I got over 900 beans, so I was able to get the display cabnit, a new Lure shirt, A new dresser, and a painting for my house.

I went into a factory before I got off earlier. I went in with four Toons, as usual... but this time, one of the Toons had to go. We decided we could go on with three Toons, and went forwards. After a while, a chatless dog took literally 10 minutes in the Lava Room (we went through the side enterence, so it was only 5 minutes after). I said in Speed Chat, "Hurry Up!". After he still didn't come, I said, "For crying out loud!". Finally, he comes, and we go into the next room. We think he's following us, but NO... he decides that, once we're in battle, to say, "You stink!" and leave. Too many noobs.... So anyways, me and this other Toon are like, "After this battle, let's get the crud monkies out of here!" Once she leaves, I continue on, looking for another room, like the Paint Mixer Room or something to get me some more jellybeans. I go into some room, and knowing nothing, get attacked. Long story short, I was killed T-T.

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