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  • My occupation is eating people
  • I am a giraffe
  • Kitsune101

    Friday, 11/25/11

    November 26, 2011 by Kitsune101

    Today, I tried a couple Field Offices. The first couple went awesome, but the last one I almost died. It sucked. It was because I went in with a couple of noobs, and I didn't bother looking at their laff.

    I did two one-story cog buildings solo on Chemira, too.

    Earlier, I went into Toon Valley. Strangely, they were having Bean Fests. Oh well. I got over 900 beans, so I was able to get the display cabnit, a new Lure shirt, A new dresser, and a painting for my house.

    I went into a factory before I got off earlier. I went in with four Toons, as usual... but this time, one of the Toons had to go. We decided we could go on with three Toons, and went forwards. After a while, a chatless dog took literally 10 minutes in the Lava Room (we went through …

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