Hey world! Just posting some progress on my plans here :)

TTC Building and NPC Project

I've decided to start it :) I'm going to make articles on every building and NPC in Toontown Central. Anyone who wants to help should start taking pictures around now, because I'll be taking them too, along with some templates.

Template Making

I'm still making a lot of templates, yay~ :D I suggest editors to start making more Cog Move articles so that the Template:Cogmovelisting won't be D:

Okay, are the Hacker Articles Gonna Go or Not?

I'm unsure about their position, really XD It would be nice just to have a simple "Hacker" article to explain what they do; we have too many articles on actual Toontown Hackers.

Applying to be an Admin

I'm considering to be an admin, yet I'm kinda eh. I might, but for now I'm just going to edit a bit more.

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