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    June 3, 2012 by Kevin-The-Skeleton

    i was on my other toon and i found this monkeyin ttc. He was wearing a cog suit and was white. now you cant get the no color toontask when you start at ttc so that obviously meant that hes a hacker. and the suit was probably a hack also ( i know there is a cog suit glitch but i think he hacked one in)

    Heres a picture of him:

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  • Kevin-The-Skeleton

    I was doing a toon battle of a race and i happened to get into 8th place. :)

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  • Kevin-The-Skeleton

    I'm a level away from maxing sellbot so im hosting another wiki users vp. ill expect the seven toons who come will be friends. so join please.

    The vp will start on saturday June 23, 7:30 PM, real life eastern time. after we gathered 8 toons

    Toons who i want to be with


    TheSora ( i dont think he will be on )







    If some of these toons cant come. then ill just bring some other of my friends as back up. please try to make it.

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  • Kevin-The-Skeleton

    Did you know you might get bored while playing toontown. thats because it is. so far, disney isnt adding anythig new to toontown. no new cogs, no new gags, no new toontasks, and no new nothing. If toontown doesnt add stuff soon some high toons are going to quit. serously, i might even quit toontown too, maybe even the wiki.

    Heres my idea for toontown to be funner and bring back the high toons:

    New gags ( inluding that gag gavel )

    New toontasks( like defeat the vp )

    be able to carry all gag tracks ( making you get drop, throw, and squirt when you first start toontown )

    More sellbot factories

    Cog nation ( please come )

    Be able to have 75 friends

    Funny farms ( the unrealeased playground )

    The goat chicken and cow toon species

    Thanks for reading, sayano…

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  • Kevin-The-Skeleton

    Wiki users vp

    March 30, 2012 by Kevin-The-Skeleton

    ( we did the vp and it went into an EPIC FAILURE. so i decided to host another when im a level form maxing sell. anyway those we had fun anyway. except it ent bad with smith. not to be mean but he kinda didnt use gameplay well. sorry smith. anyway, the toons who came were Freddie, Smith, emily, Flower, loving AND ME!!!!!!!!!. the other toons werent users, they were tony and kevin ( i loved that name ). so next vp is me maxing sell. Sorry you couldnt come dragon king, chris, oshawott, and wilbur.

    I'm was thinking that me and 7 others users would like to do a vp all together. The toons who i picked please comment. And Loving and Flower please leave a comment too and put your user name in it so i know.

    I'll put the date and time when i get 7 to…

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