( we did the vp and it went into an EPIC FAILURE. so i decided to host another when im a level form maxing sell. anyway those we had fun anyway. except it ent bad with smith. not to be mean but he kinda didnt use gameplay well. sorry smith. anyway, the toons who came were Freddie, Smith, emily, Flower, loving AND ME!!!!!!!!!. the other toons werent users, they were tony and kevin ( i loved that name ). so next vp is me maxing sell. Sorry you couldnt come dragon king, chris, oshawott, and wilbur.

I'm was thinking that me and 7 others users would like to do a vp all together. The toons who i picked please comment. And Loving and Flower please leave a comment too and put your user name in it so i know.

I'll put the date and time when i get 7 toons. but when i do the district will be boingy acres because no other toons will vp their.ok I need one high toon to come. please hurry i want to do this rly soon.

Got theses toons.


Dragonion King

Freddie ( dont want to put the rest )

Smith ghast4

Wilbur storm

epicnezz emily

Lily Butterfly

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