Did you know you might get bored while playing toontown. thats because it is. so far, disney isnt adding anythig new to toontown. no new cogs, no new gags, no new toontasks, and no new nothing. If toontown doesnt add stuff soon some high toons are going to quit. serously, i might even quit toontown too, maybe even the wiki.

Heres my idea for toontown to be funner and bring back the high toons:

New gags ( inluding that gag gavel )

New toontasks( like defeat the vp )

be able to carry all gag tracks ( making you get drop, throw, and squirt when you first start toontown )

More sellbot factories

Cog nation ( please come )

Be able to have 75 friends

Funny farms ( the unrealeased playground )

The goat chicken and cow toon species

Thanks for reading, sayanora

Pizzaboy66 19:01, May 9, 2012 (UTC)

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