I was thinking that toontown should make level 8 gags. these gags will be the most powerful. I dont know how much damage is right for some of them, but they must be appropriate.Anyway,

My suggestion for level 8 gags are

Toonup:Pixie bomb heals all toons (including you) to full laff

Trap: A button that the cogs steps on and a giant smasher comes down and smashes the cogs, like the one in the factory

Lure:A giant magnet Lasts for 30 rounds

Sound:Electric guiar 110 damage

Throw:Need to think about what dessert will be higher than a wedding cake


Drop:Toon building

Does anyone have any other suggestions,please leave your thoughts by commenting. Thank you.

P.S dont say that the gags wil instanly destroy the cogs

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