You may have noticed that toontown is going down. FINALLY. Toontown is really failing.

But they could have succeeded if they done this.

1. Remove all hackers.

Hackers can make toon clones and make a server full. That is why Nutty River is never open and Nutty summit is barely open. The only way to go to Nutty River is by teleporting to a friend. Of course friends are gone and you have no idea how to get to NR.

2. Make another Cog hq

Tons are tired of doing the same thing when they max their suit. Fighting the vp, CEO, CJ, and CFO. If they had another Cog hq they can have other stuff to do.

3. Make more field offices.

The only field office there is is sellbot. Wanna know why. Because of operation storm sellbot. That was a fun event fighting the vp without needing a suit or membership. Also having to fight low level cogs. TOO BAD THEY NEVER BROUGHT IT BACK OR MADE ANY SIMILAR EVENTS. Remember in the news where a cog went to an army of cogs ( i forget what cog it was ). Tons thought it was going to be an operation Storm something with more field offices. Guess what it was. Mega invasions. REALLY THATS THE BEST TOONTOWN COULD COME UP WITH. THE ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT IT IS TRAINING GAGS. TOONTOWN SUCKS.

4. Have all seven types of gags.

I wished toontown would make you get the seventh gag track you left out. The drawback you would have is you need double the points to get the next level.

5. Better doodle training.

It takes forever to train your doodle. Why does it take so long. I wish it wouldnt take so long.


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