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  • Kevin-The-Skeleton

    Remember Me?

    August 2, 2015 by Kevin-The-Skeleton

    Does anyone remember me?  I was King Duke SparkeFlipper. Doubt you remember me

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  • Kevin-The-Skeleton


    You may have noticed that toontown is going down. FINALLY. Toontown is really failing.

    But they could have succeeded if they done this.

    1. Remove all hackers.

    Hackers can make toon clones and make a server full. That is why Nutty River is never open and Nutty summit is barely open. The only way to go to Nutty River is by teleporting to a friend. Of course friends are gone and you have no idea how to get to NR.

    2. Make another Cog hq

    Tons are tired of doing the same thing when they max their suit. Fighting the vp, CEO, CJ, and CFO. If they had another Cog hq they can have other stuff to do.

    3. Make more field offices.

    The only field office there is is sellbot. Wanna know why. Because of operation storm sellbot. That was a fun event fighting theā€¦

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  • Kevin-The-Skeleton


    January 29, 2013 by Kevin-The-Skeleton

    This is to all users who are still on.

    I need help on my new toon, Rocco, i need help with gag training and toontasks ( but mostly training )

    Please notify me when you want to frient my toon.

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  • Kevin-The-Skeleton


    October 14, 2012 by Kevin-The-Skeleton

    Hello, now i know you guys forgot about me but this will make you remember.

    Anyway, i got a membership card for my birthday so i can play toontown again

    i hope i see you guys again.


    please notify me if you still play toontown, i am making a new toon

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  • Kevin-The-Skeleton


    August 2, 2012 by Kevin-The-Skeleton


    I'm sorry i have to say this but i'm leaving toontown forever. Why you may ask, well tons of reasons.

    mainly because theirs NOTHING NEW, hackers,parker toons, nothing new, mean toons, and nothing new.

    Plus i'm quiting the wiki, cleaning up spam isnt fun as toontown, and those random toons are just being stupid for doing spam. i know that my friends never do spams :). but still its boring.

    So goodbye and remeber my toon forever. ( keep me as a friend for memory. )

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