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  • I am your Supreme Ruler
  • KayChangedHerNameAgain

    1. Chip and Dale's tunnel never was opened and we will NEVER KNOW WHAT IT LEAD TO.

    2. Toontown is closed.

    3. No cog nation. Our lives are forever bleak

    4. They killed our toons in a oil-shed massacre 

    5. We can no longer find a game that is so much fun to goof around in.

    ...feel free to add your own reasons down below. cries.

    bermuda told me to add something nice about him at the end: 


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  • KayChangedHerNameAgain

    Hi... there...

    September 29, 2013 by KayChangedHerNameAgain

    Well... Hi there. I'm Kay. Anyway that's stupid I'm going to start on the blog post now.

    So I've enjoyed editing the wiki so far. I love(d) Toontown and I want it to be remembered as a really cool game. Luckily this wiki takes the game pretty seriously unlike a lot of online game wikis. (NEOPETS COUGH)

    I'm excited to help out the wiki as much as I can, with my extensive knowledge of Toontown. I used to spend hours on Toontown just going through the streets... doing the Knock-Knock Jokes...

    Speaking of those. Evina has mentioned that those pages are incomplete. That's funny, considering we will never. get. them. ever. again. (Unless illegally which is bad kids. Don't do illegal stuff) So yeah, I guess I'll never be the hero of the wiki becauseā€¦

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