I have some exciting (not really) news for you to read....

First off: The Template & Source Code Basics Tutorial

Had trouble adding some stuff to templates or editing with source code mode? No problem, this guide should help you with the basics. To visit, click on the yellow casette thingy.

Second up: My birthday

Thats right folks, im gonna be 11 on 8 march!

  • Grins on the admins* Didn't see that I need to be 13 at least to be a rollback.. Was that just added?

"Third up": I am a member!

Yessir, Yesmadam, you can now take over cog facilities with Black Hole again!

And Least but not last...: I got all my Cog Disguises... Bermuda, Chrisgraff, Evina, and Flower may already know.

My current cog suits as of 13:32 UTC+1:


Flunky level 2


Bottom Feeder level 3 or 4 can't remember


Tightwad level 6


The Mingler level 8 (:D)

Soooooooo.... thats pretty much it.

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