« An Extreme Scene at... | Main Flippy's Big Closet Surprise!So we CouncilToons have been thinking to ourselves... Selves, we need to do something BIG to thank Toons everywhere for showing the Movers & Shakers who's really in charge around here. Is there something they've wanted for a long, long time? Something they can keep, that they'll use every day? Something in their Estates that's made of wood and they can put things in? Hmmm... Well there is one thing... Maybe it's finally time to...



That's right, Toons! Closets now go all the way up to 50 ITEMS!!! And for a limited time, the 50 item closet will be available in Clarabelle's Cattlelog for just 50 Beans! (After that, you'll have to buy bigger closets one at a time, like before - so act fast!) And we've got one last important question... How do you like the surprise?

TOON COUNCIL UPDATE: The Cogs got wind of our Toontastic surprise and have intercepted some Cattlelog shipments! No need to worry though - they won't spoil our fun. The Resistance Rangers are already on the move to recover the Cattlelogs and get them delivered to Toons' homes quickly. Toons should receive their new Cattlelog with the 50 item closet within the next 7 days - so keep checking your telephone!

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