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  • KacperTheHorse


    I have some exciting (not really) news for you to read....

    First off: The Template & Source Code Basics Tutorial

    Had trouble adding some stuff to templates or editing with source code mode? No problem, this guide should help you with the basics. To visit, click on the yellow casette thingy.

    Second up: My birthday

    Thats right folks, im gonna be 11 on 8 march!

    • Grins on the admins* Didn't see that I need to be 13 at least to be a rollback.. Was that just added?

    "Third up": I am a member!

    Yessir, Yesmadam, you can now take over cog facilities with Black Hole again!

    And Least but not last...: I got all my Cog Disguises... Bermuda, Chrisgraff, Evina, and Flower may already know.

    My current cog suits as of 13:32 UTC+1:


    Flunky level 2

    LAWBOT …

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  • KacperTheHorse

    I found a Youtube video witch's description refers to Toontown wiki, and the video is nothing but one of the fan-made pictures used on our Chairman page. Is this fine with someone just saying we "found the real Chairman" or something? Im just asking if this does not break any rules and policies of the wiki, the video.

    Here's the link to the video:

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  • KacperTheHorse

    Okay, so, I have asked ______ if __ could get me a membership, __ agreed. I should or might get it in the next monday or sooner.

    Btw, _____ things are things that I won't show due to privacy stuff.

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  • KacperTheHorse

    Toontask items

    January 31, 2012 by KacperTheHorse

    I have been thinking, if we have place for Toontask guides, why not have place for toontask items?

    I mean, for pages such as "External Temperature Sensors" or "Bossbot Torso Upper Left Part" items.

    I won't make these pages right away as I need to know what do you think about it. So, should we? This will go similarly as with the Flowers pages, I think.

    Categories added in this project: Toontask items, Toontask Rewards

    What do you think?

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  • KacperTheHorse

    Sadly, thats true for me. I said I returned and would be more active, but [see above].

    So, until my parents get a credit card, [see above].


    Sadly. So I guess Ill be away from here. even tough ill try to come. Thats how my life goes. D:

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