ATTENTION ALL ADMINS! I REPEAT, ATTENTION ALL ADMINS! I am starting a course to see how the Admins react to "Spam attacks". I will create a new account for spamming (Don't worry, I'll only do this when admins are on) and when they notice I am ruining articles we will see what they tell me, if they will ban me straight away, or if they will give me a warning. Here is what I WILL do, and what I WON'T.


  • Vandalize
  • Remove info on articles
  • Put deletion tags on pages
  • Edit messages

Note that this is just to see how fast you react, and how you react.


  • Make fun of people
  • Do it when no admin is on
  • Swear
  • Swear
  • Swear
  • Swear
  • And.... guess what? Swear.

As long as this is accepted by admins, it will start when they have all said yes to this course

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