I've loved Toontown, every moment of it. Meeting you guys, and Charcat, and Snifflespeed. Except for you guys, my best friends ever. I will also miss Ben. I do not know him, but he lives close to me. Andhe has always been close to me. We met in an agency. Happy days.

But it's time to move on. Yes, this is the end of Jelly. I may have grown out of Wikia as well. I've got more interested in Dr Who and my talent in football is quite good. Man for the job has told me he may be absent from Wikia as he is growing out of it. So what better a way to end Jelly's life in a fanfiction? On the fanon, me and Bonkers are making a fanfiction on how Super Toons was defeated, and the fate of each member.

It was nic eknowing you guys. But we get to times in life where we move on. I'm sorry. Wiki, you've lost a rollback. And Yippie, you've lost an Admin. Sorry. :'(

I'll never forget you guys,


P.S. Happy Easter. :)

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