Hey! Welcome to Jelly news #4!


Sonic767's toon - Sonic - has been deleted from Toontown. This is really sad as Disney can't (or won't) get his account back. This has been why he hasn't been on the Wiki for a while.


Should I become an admin, now I have 1,000 edits? What do you think? Vote NOW on my other blog! The people wanting to become admin's are:

JellyrollZillerwig - 1,287 edits

ToontasticToon212 - 1,043 edits

Bermuda - 1,048 edits


I think I spelt it wrong. Anyway, Man for the job is hoping to become a Buracrat on this wiki. That means he can promote fellow wikians (lol weird word!) into Adminians (Another weird word). He wants to do this because Flippers is having computer problems.


GamerPerson is deleting millions of spam pages created by spammers, eg gbgrbhsghtdhbg, or @, ', etc. Hopefully this will be a spam free wiki!

Well I can't think of anything else for news, so.... i guess.... see ya next saturday!!!

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