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1,000 EDITS

I have almost reached 1,000 edits!! This is about the 990 edit! I may be an admin soon! By the way, most of my edits are from talking to Man for the job! XD.


Field Office pictures have now been sent to the internet, and you can find them on GamerPerson's blog, Field Office pics, or on the Field Office page. They look very posh lol! Also, videos of them are on Youtube, be sure to look at them! If you don't know what Field Offices are, they are new Cog Building released on test. They look brilliant! They will tie in with the Cog Memo found by the Toon Resistance. They are currently Sellbot Field Offices, but soon they will probably get Cashbot, Lawbot and Bossbot.


The evil Jellyroll is now in control with Super Toons! It was my fault. I got them into the mess pretending we didnt like Man for the job, and now Suga accidently said yes to him being in charge of Super Toons. So we need help! We must defeat him!!


Pokechimp is back, with a NEW account! I have banned him from the Toontown Fanon wiki for putting bad language. One thing Pokechimp...STOP SPAMMING AND LEAVE THE WIKIS ALONE!!!

I cant think of any more news..... so if you have i'll post it in!

Thats it for now! Stay tooned for the next issue on Friday, Jelly news...... for the bored! Issue 4! Bye for now!

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