Welcome back to Jelly news! We run on Mondays and Fridays, so stay too-ned!


The buldings are finally here! But they are not Dominiums, now newly called ' Field Offices '. I am unsure whether this is really cog dominiums, but it is looking like it. They are released on tests as 'Sellbot Field Offices'. It is likely that the Offices are to follow a memo retrieved from the VP, saying distinguish from your fellow cogs and you will be rewarded. I think he is saying that enter the Field Offices, defeat the toons, and the Cogs will get a prize. WE WILL DEFEAT THESE OFFICES! NO COG WILL EARN A REWARD! GO US!!!!!!!!


On the fanon, 3 (Yes, three!) new Super Toon fans have been released. They are: Super Toon Chronicles, Super Toons - escape from Cogtown, and Super Toons - Invasion of the Robo-Toons! You should join there, but not the spammers! Oh,and I am an admin there, so yeah join! I can help! Trust me!


800 edits! Thats how many! Well, 810, but I am doing well! Good luck to all the others on 800 edits, as I hope we all get admins! I don't know how many admins you can get, but I hope we all do get it!!


Thanks you to Bermuda for all those tasks she is doing! Hopefully we can help her with them! Kepp up the good work, Bermuda!!!


If you want to help with this, you don't need to jon, just go around the wiki adding punctuation to things! If you dont know what it is, please see my other blog, project punctuation! It will tell you all about it!

and finally.........


I have decided to start a new thing, called advertising the wiki! Everyone can come on Toontown, we meet up somewhere, add them, and advertise the Toontown Wiki on Toontown! We need more users to help against the spammers, and if you think its a good idea then say! But since we have different time zones, this will affect us. does anyone have an idea about what we could do with the time zones? If so, please put on the Talk Page below.

Yeah, so thats it really, see ya on Monday, for Jelly news...... for the bored! #Issue 3!

JellyrollZillerwig, Admin of the Toontown Fanon Wiki. 16:31, January 21, 2011 (UTC)

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