Hi! If you are bored then read my news! 'Tis about the wiki!


Congratulations to GamerPerson, the new admin of the Toontown Wiki! Hopefully he will get to all you spammers out there who want to destroy that Flunky page! Go Gamer!


The Flunky page has been attacked, but has been sorted. Spammers were putting rude information on it, instead of the real info. Man for the job has locked the Flunky page, and blocked the spammers editing it!


It's finally here! The Toontown Fanon Wiki was released in Early December, by ToontasticToon212! The current admins are me (Yay), Man for the job, and of course the creator, Toontastic. It is a place to make a page about your toon, make your own cogs, and of course your own fanfictions! We are getting more members rapidly, so join today! We currently have, Tootastic, Me, Man for the job, Sonic767, Lion blaze, Sir Skids Nickelton, and more! Sadly we had one spammer on it, editing a fanfic called Life of the CFO and Toonnaped. I would recommend looking at Sonic767's life project fanfics, you would probably laugh your head off!


User: Pokechimp1999 has returned, uner the name User: Pokechimp1999 II! If you are reading this, please stop spamming this wiki! If you want to spam, go make a Toontown Spammer Wiki or something! We don't need this wiki to be spammed! It is a family-friendly wiki, for all ages! So no inapproriate language, or rude information! And don't get me started on User: Topsecret15....


If you see a hacker, don't thretean them! I called Zippy a noob... Im gona get it...... anyway if you see a hacker, run. Run as fast as you can! He could ban you, or shut down that server, So be careful.

Thats all for this week! Stay tooned for.....

Jelly news...... for the bored #Issue 2!

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