OK, so Ive said before I was going to be more active on wikia.

I say alot of things.

They arent necessarily all true.

But anyway, I am hoping to do some more editing and keep active like I do on the toontown fanon wiki.

Now sit on my lap for story time with Jelly.

I stopped playing TT well over a year ago now, stopped becoming active on this wiki and blocked toontown out of my life for ages really.I do miss it a bit, especially some of my friends on there, but Ive managed to keep in touch via youtube and stuff.

I'm still regularly active on the internet, type in "kristianj99" or "krazilykoolklips" or stuff like that to find me.

I hope if I become active enough I can get a position of staff on this wiki.

I'll probably be fixing spelling mistakes and stuff like that, seen as my TT knowledged died a very,very long time ago.


Maria Sharapova <3 Send me a message! 12:52, December 18, 2012 (UTC)

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