1 hour ago, ToontasticToon212 started a new fanfic, making this wiki reach 150 pages, without any spam pages!! If you read the front page, I have added a new section on it. But I have also planned something. I want to host a party in which anyone can come to, and I will host it, but if I leave, I will leave the party to the other admins, Toontastic first, then Man for the job, and then finally Theevina. The party will end when everyone leaves or all the hosts leave. As some people live in America and some in the UK, we must find the right time for everyone to get on. Im planning a weekend, so no-one has school. Does anyone like this idea? I will post some details here:

Host: JellyrollZillerwig

Co-Hosts: ToontasticToon212, Man for the job, Theevina

Time: 1900 Hours UK (1200 US)

Date: TBA

District: Boingyboro

Playground: Toontown Central

Current guests: ToontasticToon212, Man for the job, Theevina, GamerPerson

Mor einfo will come when we get enough people and decided when the party will be thrown!!

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