Yesterday, I came off brb, to find my best friend Ben was on :D!!!! I teleported to him and we chatted for a while, and my friend Snifflespeed teleported and wondered around for a while. Then, it say: Ben has logged out, Snifflespeed has logged out, and Wagbo has logged out. They were all of my friends in that area. But when it said that, this message came up:


I think I know who did it....

Weird huh? So we all logged back on Speed shouted GET OUT OF HERE but I didn't. I wondered who did it and then while I was talking to Ben again a green cat called Clyde came over to me and said Guess what? So I said what, and he did the speedchat phrase - Bye!, and the screen froze and then it said: Your internet connection has been unexpectidly broken. I logged back on and blamed Clyde, and he said No I didnt (But he did) so we just left, and an hour or two later I saw him and shouted ITS THE DC ERRS! But he didn't do anything bad. Do you know of Clyde? If so, TELL ME!

2 new hackers in TT:

  • Clyde
  • Jellyroll (Man for the job knows him in real life)

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